Packing for Spring in NYC

Hi Loves,

Today we’re talking about packing… I know exciting stuff. But, I feel that if you have a method to the madness it makes for a much better trip! In recent years I have tried my best to pack light for trips, mostly because I despise waiting in baggage claim and would much prefer to carry-on! Plus I have the cutest carry-on ever so I want to show it off… Specifically today, it’s a weekend trip to NYC!

Let’s start with the staples:

Denim: The key here is to pick a pair of jeans that go with just about everything, so that you only have to bring one. When you’re bringing only a carry-on, space is a precious commodity and need not be taken up by multiple pairs of jeans.

Jacket: It’s still a bit chilly in NYC so a light jacket is necessary. So that means my gorgeous trench that never gets any use in Miami gets to come out to play! Yayyy!

Handbag: Again, a good handbag that goes with multiple looks is perfect for weekend trips. I’m still obsessed with my Tory Camera bag so that’s what I’m going with for this weekend getaway!

Sneakers: I like to wear sneakers on the way there and back, and that way they don’t actually take up any room in the suitcase!

Hat: As always sun protection is a must, and a cute hat is the perfect addition to any spring look!

Ok, now, the fun stuff! Every packing list needs a couple of cute showcase pieces! It’s spring in NY so mine are light, airy, and fun! Here are the pieces I’ll be bringing with me on this trip!

Spring Dress: a light spring dress is perfect for a weekend trip to NY. And if it’s too chilly, the trench will look adorable layered over top!

Night Out Looks: Of course you need a couple of special looks for your nights out on the town. Remember that in the spring, the temperature will be pretty cool once the sun goes down. So keep that in mind when planning your nighttime looks.

Products: Don’t forget the basic essentials. Try to stick to travel size products, palettes and multi-use products, such as moisturizer with built-in sunscreen. That way you can cut your make-up bag in half and save room for other more important things, like shoes.


And finally, since I’ve saved so much room by condensing my essentials ;)… I get to bring a few of my favorite accessories to liven up each look.

Shoes: Make sure to pack comfortable ones as you’re sure to do a lot of shopping walking. I recommend some comfortable sandals (show off that pedicure we all know you splurged on), wedges, and a pair of heels for your nighttime looks.

Other accessories: This is the perfect time to break out your spring scarves and neck ties. And they are all the rage right now! There are soooo many cute ones to choose from!

Swimwear: A cute suit is a necessity if you plan to take a dip in the hotel pool! But don’t forget a suit bag so you don’t have to pack a wet bikini in your suitcase on the way home!


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