Personal Style and How to Find it

9 Steps to Finding Your Own Personal Style

Have you ever found yourself people watching or scrolling through your favorite bloggers’ feeds and thinking… I could NEVER pull that off! We all have. It’s easy to get lost in the trends or someone else’s style and wonder if you should step up your game… and that’s not always a bad thing. A little style experimentation is good… but constantly changing your looks without a clear idea of your personal style, I believe, says a lot about how well you know, or don’t know, yourself.

If you’re thinking… “what the heck is my personal style?”… you’re not alone and we’ve all been there. So, I want to talk to you all a little bit about what it is, and how to find it!

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Personal Style is the way you portray yourself, but also how you see yourself. I think the best way to unlock your own personal style is to start from the beginning.

Go back through your Facebook, Instagram, and dare I say… Myspace. What are commonalities throughout the years or even decades. Do you find that you also wear certain colors or a certain palette? Were you still wearing denim skirts even when they weren’t on trend? What staples are just “you”.

Ask your friends. When they think of your closet, what do they imagine? How do the people you spend the most time with view your style and wardrobe? This will tell you more about your everyday looks that you might be overlooking! Maybe you wear a V-neck blouse nearly everyday and you haven’t even noticed!

The next time your sister or mom go shopping, tell them to send you pictures of things they think you would like. This will again give you an idea of how others see your style.

Do a closet inventory. Look at every single piece… is it something you wear everyday, on occasion, or a trend that you cringe at the site of? Is it something you bought and wore once because you hate the way that particular style looks on you? Write down commonalities… 3 bomber jackets, 7 v-neck tees, etc.

Imagine a day at work, a day out shopping, a day with friends, date night… in your mind what fabulous outfit are you wearing in each scenario? And what do they all have in common? This will help you figure out what pieces you are actually drawn to, versus which you just buy because happen to see them out shopping and think they’re cute.

When you go shopping, do it with purpose. Before heading out, write down a list of pieces or looks you’re going for. And only buy those things and only if you love them. Don’t settle for a less than perfect pair of gladiator sandals just because you need a pair!

Get rid of everything you don’t wear. If your closet is less cluttered and more organized, you’re more likely to wear more of the pieces. Plus you’ll be able to see better which staples are missing from the bunch. Tip: try to sell these items on sites like poshmark or at a resale shop to minimize your losses.

Avoid trends. They are just that, and in a couple of months you will have no use for them. Not to mention, you will look back and think, why did I spend money on that? Unless it’s something you LOVE and will continue to rock even after the trend is long gone.

Lastly, build your wardrobe slowly versus running out to buy a denim jacket just because you need one. Take the time to curate each and every piece in your closet. & before you know it, you will a closet full items you love and that fit your personal style.

Our personal style will be ever-evolving, which is just part of growing and maturing. But, by making conscious shopping choices (sounds super dramatic), we can avoid the not-so-cute trends and build a classic, true-to-self wardrobe!

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