5 Skincare Essentials for Glowing Complexion this Spring!

Today we’re talking about some of my skincare essentials! Many of these I use year round, however, I like to change up my routine when warmer months approach. This is the time of year that I tend to worry less about overly dry skin and more about sun protection!

So, I am breaking down my essential spring skincare routine for you all!

1.Cleansing.  Be gentle. When you have problem areas, it’s tempting to “hit them hard” with strong products. But what your skin really wants is gentle cleansing.

Simple Micellar Water Cleanser is a staple in my skincare routine. I use this on a cotton square to cleanse my face morning and night.

It’s gentle, but really gets the job done! You should see the cotton square after  i’m done… gross (in the best way)!




2.Toner. I use a toner on days when I feel that I need more cleansing. Particularly after wearing a lot of makeup or sunscreen.

Eau Roma Water is one of my favorites! It’s light and fresh! You just spritz it on your face after cleansing and let it dry.



3.Serums. I know it may be weird to consider putting oil on your face, especially if you’ve struggled with acne, but serums should be a staple in your routine.

Obagi Vitamin-C Serum  is a really nice, light serum that I use on my face in the morning after cleansing. The purpose of Vitamin-C serums is to even out the skin tone and soften dark spots. After applying, I go and make my coffee and let it soak in for a good 10 minutes before I continue on with my routine.

4.Moisturize. After I have let my serum soak in, I apply my moisturizer. These are my current favorites:

Kate Somerville Daily Deflector moisturizer is ideal for days I plan to spend time outside. It has SPF 50, but it’s nice and light and doesn’t clog the pores.


If you experience hyperpigmentation like melasma or acne scars, the best thing you can do is protect your skin from the sun. Sun exposure will only darken these areas even more!

Origins Drink-Up Intensive  “mask” is the moisturizer I like to use before bed. Again, this is nice and light but has plenty of moisturizing power when my skin is feeling a little extra dry!


5.Drink Water! I know you’ve heard it time and time again, but no moisturizer in the world can help your skin as much as adequate hydration can! If you keep up with the recommended eight glasses of water daily, you will have that healthy, dewy spring glow in no time!


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