What to Wear: Bridal Shower

Hi loves,

I wanted to dedicate this post to one of the sweetest days of the whole engagement process, your Bridal Shower! This is such a fun day, because when else in your adult life do you get a day that is literally all about you! It’s a weird concept to have a room full of people all there to shower you with love and gifts, but it is incredibly touching to see all the people who cared enough to be there!

I shopped for weeks looking for the perfect shower dress! I was torn because I wanted a dress specifically for this event. I am not one of those girls who won’t wear the same dress twice, but this is a special occasion! As I perused all my favorite department stores for the PERFECT dress, many of my favorites were out of my price range…

Then I found something that literally changed the way I shop, forever:

Rent the Runway


Ladies, if you have never heard of this fabulous website, it is an online “retailer” where you can rent gorgeous designer duds for 4 or 8 day periods. The garments arrive at your house in a sturdy garment bag ready to wear. You wear said garment, place it back in the bag and send it back. THAT’S IT! No dry cleaning, steaming, etc. All you have to do is look cute!

The selection is incredible. You can find anything from Marchesa gowns to Zac Posen handbags to laid-back maxi dresses for a weekend getaway. The items are insured in case there is a mishap, and the best part is you get a FREE backup size. So, you don’t have to worry about getting a dress that doesn’t fit the day before an event.

Rent this dress here:

Buy it here:

Below are more of my top contenders for a Bridal Shower… and of course the most amazing accessories for the occasion!

New to RTR? Use this link to get $30 off your first order! 

This post is NOT sponsored by Rent the Runway. These are my own personal, genuine opinions.

Photos by the amazing Sharon R.J. Photography.

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